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Carpet cleaning can be a real hassle both physically and financially. ‘Do-it-yourself’ carpet cleaners and scrubbers are often unable to lift tough stains. Heavy and awkward rentable units can be poorly maintained, leaving your carpets looking spotty. These options, while they may seem convenient, can lead to damage to your carpeting and rugs by roughing up patches on your carpet in efforts to lift discoloration.

Carpet can make a very fine touch to any home. It allows you to wake up during a cold Chicago winter and touch your feet to warm floors rather than cold tile or wood. But, unfortunately, carpets can get dirty. When this happens, carpet cleaning is necessary. There are some basic maintenance techniques that can be performed yourself such as vacuuming. However, after a long Chicago winter, or a muddy spring, carpets often need a little more love and care. At those times, a carpet cleaning service is a great asset.

Dirty Carpets Getting You Down?

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Orland Park Maids Carpet Cleaning Services:

At Orland Park Maids, we offer the best carpet cleaning services available in Chicago. Don’t strain your back pushing a heavy cleaning unit or dragging it up the stairs; let us do the heavy lifting for you! Our team of experts knows just what it takes to get out those tough stains out. Our team will always provide you with the fairest possible price to make your carpets look and smell amazing.

  • Standard Carpet Cleaning

    Our experienced cleaners will get rid of dirt from your carpet with professionally selected equipment.

  • Green Carpet Cleaning

    If you want to keep your house enviromental-friendly, get your carpet cleaning with only natural detergents usage.

  • Rug Cleaning

    Now Orland Park Maids also offers rug cleaning. We are prepared to clean every kind of surface for the purpose of our customers.

Carpet Cleaning Your Family Will Love

Why Choose Orland Park Maids as Your Carpet Cleaning?

Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning Services you can count on


Orland Park Maids is one of Chicagoland’s most trusted carpet cleaning services. We know carpet is important to your home or business, and we want to help you keep it looking great. From rug cleaning and the use of a carpet shampooer, we can combat even the trickiest dirt and stains. Regular cleaning will help extend the lifetime of your carpet.
Rugs are tough to clean and can be sucked up into the vacuum or steam cleaner, creating unsightly snags and rough patches. We’ve been cleaning rugs for a long time at Orland Park Maids and would love to show you what our rug cleaning service can do in your home. Rugs are an investment and it’s hard to choose the perfect one to fit your home décor. If you have tough rug stains don’t fret; Orland Park Maids’ rug cleaning service can revitalize your rugs.
When you entrust your carpets to Orland Park Maids, we know you’ll be happy with how our carpet shampooer performs in brightening your carpets and rugs! We are determined to make your home look fantastic and will put in the elbow grease to remove tough stains so you don’t have to. If you want to save yourself time, money, and even physical strain associated with carpet and rug cleaning, call Orland Park Maids today for a free estimate!

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