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Floor Cleaning Services Orland Park, IL


From residential to commercial properties- floor cleaning can be tough! At Orland Park Maids, maintaining your residential and commercial flooring is no hassle at all. We have years of experience cleaning and maintaining flooring in Chicago with both cleaning and waxing services. Because we have so much experience, our team will know exactly what will work best for you and your floors.

Though frequently overlooked, floors can leave a major impression upon anyone entering your home and business. When clean, they often go unnoticed. When dirty, they draw immediate attention. Chicagoland’s constantly changing weather can lead to floors becoming dirty quite quickly between snow and road salt in the winter and mud in the other seasons.

For this reason, floor cleaning is a very important service, particularly in commercial spaces. From cleaning tile to cleaning hardwood floors, the best floor cleaners will leave your floors sparkling clean. Orland Park Maids is one of Chicagoland’s best so call us to set up your first cleaning. Never sacrifice your reputation amongst your clients again due to dirty floors.

A Clean You Will Love

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Chicagoland frequently faces inclement weather. But with regularly scheduled cleanings, we will keep your floor clean! We use only the highest quality floor cleaner supplies. Our waxing floor services will keep your commercial space looking its best. As an added bonus, clean floors can improve the morale of both customers and employees!

The Best Floor Cleaner in Chicagoland

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There are many floor cleaning services out there, but here at Orland Park Maids, we guarantee only the best. Our customer service, cleaning jobs, cleaning supplies, and staff are all the highest quality. We never settle for anything less than perfect. Call today to start your journey to clean floors.

Why Orland Park Maids floor cleaning service?

We offer the best quality of floor cleaning Orland Park has ever seen. Our stellar service and high quality of cleaning has brought our customers back again and again. We offer affordable prices, a wide variety of flexible schedules, and we will always make you and your floors our top priority.

How we do floor cleaning at Orland Park Maids

Ensuring that you are using the best floor cleaner to avoid damaging your floors is vital to maintaining their appearance for years to come. It’s easy to pick out the wrong products if you aren’t sure what you are looking for; which can cause wood flooring to swell and the finish to lift. The maids at Orland Park Maids will make sure that your floors shine without creating discoloration or bubbles by using the best commercial grade cleaners for your floor type.

Orland Park Maids also offering floor waxing services for both commercial and residential properties! Part of keeping commercial areas safe and well-maintained is waxing the floor; this not only ensures that your flooring retains it’s quality regardless of heavy foot traffic; it also prevents your customers from slipping or tripping on patchy or unevenly waxed flooring. Orland Park Maids is available to help you make your store or restaurant looks great to incoming customers!


Orland Park Maids is the best floor cleaner to meet all of your floor cleaning and maintenance needs! With years of experience maintaining flooring as well as providing top notch customer service, we know you’ll be thrilled with our floor cleaning services.

For more details about floor cleaning in Orland Park call us at (630) 270-7495