Our reviews

Finn Lovry

We are frequently hiring Orland Park Maids for already 2 years to do the cleaning in our apartment. Their cleaning service is awesome. Maids are polite and always honestly cleaning our place so it's sparkling when they leave. Totally recommended cleaning service!

Jasmine Steele

Lately, after the spring we called to Orland Park Maids for a deep cleaning of our house. The maids did a fabulous job with cleaning and what's also - the prices are not too high. I will recommend this house cleaning company for everyone who value a cleanliness in the house.

Aaron Glover

Once every month the maids from Orland Park Maids come to us and do a deep cleaning of the whole house. It's a reliable company that provides great quality house cleaning services for affordable prices. I'm sure you can't find a better one in the whole Orland Park

Patrick Terry

I hired Orladn Park Maids for a deep cleaning of my house after a kinda stormy party. The maids that came were very professional with cleaning. Did their job quick, thoroughly and for affordable price. Surely will call you again!

Deanna Gordon

Since our third son has born me and my husband have no enough time to handle all the duties. Work, kid's school and house duties - it was way too much for us, so we figured out to frequently hire a maid services. Firstly, we were a little bit scared if we can find a…

Carl Sparks

Not only a great job with house cleaning but also a big plus for great attitude. I lost my watch in the day that the house cleaning service arrived. Told about it one of the maids. When I came back from work the house was sparkling clean. What's even better news - one of maids…